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This ministry is so special because it brings them music, laughter, and love...

My beautiful mother, Naisy Brunetti, spent the last eight years of her life in assisted living. It was always such a special treat when Walter Herbison came to perform and visit! He made each resident feel special, and to watch them clapping, tapping their feet and laughing at his (sometimes corny) jokes was truly a gift! It is a sad fact that in today's society many of our seniors, rather than being treasured, are forgotten. Walter's ministry is so special because he doesn't forget these precious folks - he brings them music, laughter, and love. Thank you, Walter, for caring for my Mama and so many others. She has been gone from us for 3 long years, and I miss her desperately, but will never forget your kindness to her and so many others. As I've said many times, you do God's work!

-Becky Brunetti

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